Awarded to a committed studio artist in the Los Angeles area who has been working for 10 years or longer and may have achieved an initial level of local recognition, but who has yet to receive broader exposure and acclaim.

Applicant should be able to show evidence of a substantial body of studio work. Applicant may have an existing exhibition record, but still awaits conventional art world recognition in terms of critical response in the media, consistent gallery or museum exhibition, or financial return on sales of work. Applicant must be a practicing studio artist. Commercial artists are not eligible. Applicant must be based in the greater Los Angeles area, which includes the following five counties: Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Ventura.

Please submit all of the following. Please note, entire submission may not exceed
25MB. Attachments 1-4 must be in .doc format.

1. A cover sheet containing the following information:
 a. Name
 b. Address
 c. Email
 d. Phone number
2. A resume including the following:
 a. Education
 b. Exhibition history
 c. Previous grant funding
 d. Gallery affiliations
 e. Awards
 f. Any other professional activities
3. Half page statement on the following:
 a. The current state of your work
 b. Where you see your work going
 c. How this grant will help you get there
 d. Your eligibility in accordance with the criteria described above
4. An Image Identification List
 a. Name
 b. Image number corresponding to image file (see formatting details below)
 c. Title, year, medium, dimensions of work
5. 10 JPG images formatted as follows:
 a. LastName_FirstName_ImageNumber.jpg