THE 2019 DAVYD WHALEY Artist Teacher Grant


One grant in the amount of $5000, award also includes an exhibition opportunity with other Davys Whaley Foundation awardees. Applicants not awarded the grant are also eligible for consideration for a one week residency at The Desert House in Joshua Tree

Applicants for the Davys Whaley Foundation Artist/Teacher grant should be working either part- or full- time as art educators in order to support their studio work. They must be practicing fine arts studio artists who are currently employed by a recognized educational institution at any level, from early education through graduate school. They should be able to show a minimum of five years’ active studio experience and a demonstrable commitment to the further development of their work. Artist/teachers who have already applied for a Davys Whaley Foundation Mid-Career Artist’s grant are also eligible apply for the Artist/Teacher grant. There is no age requirement, but applicants must be based in the Los Angeles area.

Please submit all of the following. Please note, entire submission may not exceed
25MB. Attachments 1-4 must be in .doc format.

1. A cover sheet containing the following information:
 a. Name
 b. Address
 c. Email
 d. Phone number
2. A resume including the following:
 a. A brief bio
 b. Education
 c. Employment history as an educator
 d. Exhibition history
 e. Previous grant funding
 f. Gallery affiliations
 i. Any other professional activities (e.g. teaching, studio assistant, internships)
3. A one-page statement answering the following:
 a. The current state of your work
 b. The role teaching plays in your work and life
 c. Where you see your work going
 d. How this grant will help you get there
4. 10 JPG images formatted as follows:
 a. LastName_FirstName_ImageNumber.jpg
5. An Image Identification List
 a. Your name
 b. Image number corresponding to image file (see formatting details below)
 c. Title, year, medium, dimensions of work